5 things to do before doing a 3D scan of your home

Remember that hundreds of people will be viewing your 3D Virtual Walkthrough, just like having an open house you will need to prepare your home to be seen.

Here are 5 things to do BEFORE doing a 3D scan of your home.

1. Clear up any clutter and paperwork that you have on tables or desks. We want to showcase the property and have as little clutter or objects that might distract from the features of the property.

2. Pay special attention to your kitchen. They say that a kitchen sells a home, make sure the countertops are clear and surfaces are clean. Put away any items that might distract the visitor from seeing the appliances and counters.

3. Make sure walk-in closets are tidy, and anything that you do not want displayed in the scan put away in cabinets or drawers. We are showing off the closet space and shelving.

4. Make sure bathrooms and showers are clear of any bath accessories that would distract from the bath features. Our cameras will pick up toilet paper rolls, bars of soap, etc. So make sure these items are display worthy.

5. Prep the house to be scanned. Turn on ALL lights, and turn off any ceiling fans or moving objects. Open all doors fully. Close blinds to approximately 75% closed (we want to minimize outside viewing by the camera, but also let in a bit of light).