Top 5 Ways You Can Use a 3D Virtual Walkthrough

Most people envision a 3D Virtual Walkthrough or Tour as a series of pictures that give a general idea of walking through a space. But with our Matterport technology, the possibilities go way beyond a fancy photo tour. Here are a few ways that you can use our 3D Virtual Walkthroughs.

1. Selling your home
Potential buyers can do a virtual walkthrough of your home before an in-person visit. Buyers get a chance to experience the home in a much more interactive way. This helps reduce unnecessary showings because potential buyers can self-select not to see a property if it doesn’t meet their expectations. Buyers that have participated in a walkthrough are more likely to be qualified leads because they already like what they’ve seen. (See our post: “5 Reasons you should have a 3D Virtual Walkthrough done for your property“)

2. Insurance Claim/Hurricane Prep
For insurance purposes, it is suggested that you make a list of your belongings and take pictures or videotape them. With our 3D home imagery and using informational tags, we can create a virtual walk-through that can catalog all the valuables in your home with links to online products that match. Use our 3D Virtual Walkthrough to document any damages that may have occurred during a storm or fire.

3. Property Management/Vacation Rentals
Renting a property can sometimes be a risky proposition, and it can’t hurt to be prepared with photographic evidence if a tenant leaves a property in a less than desirable condition. Prior to move-in, we suggest you have a 3D Virtual Walkthrough done to establish a baseline, and after move-out, have a second 3D Virtual Walkthrough done to document any damage. 

If you are in the vacation rental industry, a 3D Virtual Walkthrough is essential for selling your space. Potential vacationers can see the accommodations and amenities before making a decision and it can provide legitimacy to your listings and alleviate any potential concerns that may arise.

4. Retail Tour
Showcasing the inside of your store can be extremely beneficial if you are trying to capture new and interested customers outside of your particular geographical location. This is especially true for retail businesses that may have limited walk-in traffic or are tucked away in a shopping mall or out-of-the-way location. A virtual tour can highlight the unique visuals your store has to offer, and with tags, we can also link to individual products to their corresponding product pages on your online shop.

5. Construction/Contractors
Our 3D Virtual Walkthrough are much more than a simple photo panorama. Our cameras are also equipped with lasers that combine with photographs to provide a 3D image of the space. This allows for extremely accurate measurements and details. Take a 3D snapshot of a space pre-construction, and wow your customers with a final product. Use a 3D Virtual Walkthrough for QA/QC, inspection and monitoring, validation of as-built conditions, capturing hard-to-visualize spaces, and project marketing.